Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time For Recommended Service?

My life odometer flipped to a new digit yesterday. For those who want to know the exact number:

Nessa’s age x 16 = Shawn’s age

It was a good day. I took the day off work, not because it was my birthday but because I was helping our new Associate Pastor move in to her apartment. When that was done I went and bummed around my favorite stores for a while, seeing if there was anything I wanted to buy myself for a birthday present. I ended up getting a VeggieTales DVD. For supper we went to Hackberry’s (a restaurant run by our food co-op, where we can get gluten-free food) and then I went off to the weekly meeting of the La Crosse Board Game Group. They let the birthday boy pick the games, but showed no mercy otherwise: I came in dead last in all three games we played. True, I’d never played any of them before, but still…

I received many nice cards and other well-wishes from family, friends and co-workers. My darling wife and delightful daughter also gave me a wonderful present: an iPod. I’ve been thinking about getting an MP3 player for months, and now I have a really good one.

Thank you Tami! Thank you Nessa! I love you!!

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