Monday, June 16, 2008

Flower Girl

Every morning Nessa gets 10 nickels. During the day, when she wants us to do something for her that she should be able to do herself (such as putting on her coat) she has to pay us one or more nickels. Any nickels she has left over get converted to quarters on a regular basis, and Nessa can spend the quarters on anything she wants except candy: cheap trinkets in the 50 cent vending machines, kiddie rides by stores, toys at the dollar store—whatever catches her eye.

Lately she often wants to spend them on flowers. Nessa really likes flowers, both getting them and giving them to others. We go to a nice flower store close to our house and they show her the different inexpensive flowers like daisies and carnations. Nessa never has trouble making up her mind; lately she’s been choosing daisies, I think because there are multiple blossoms on the same stem so she feels like she’s getting more than one flower. She carefully counts out her quarters (Dad takes care of the tax) and gives them to the salesperson, then clutches the flower in its wrapper and smiles from ear to ear as we walk out the door. She’s always very polite when she’s buying something for herself.

Once she went with Tami and bought some flowers to take to the teachers at daycare…I believe it was her idea, too. She takes so much delight in flowers wherever she sees them that it’s fun to watch her.

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