Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cake in the Morning...

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OK, I meant to get this out as a Happy Birthday post yesterday, but got distracted by several other things ... the picture is too adorable to chance many of you not seeing it though --

Shawn didn't mention that we started the day yesterday with cake! It's a little tradition I've started that works especially well when we are not able to plan a bigger celebration later in the day, and now I find it helps me not feel bad about not calling ahead to ask about getting/brining a gluten free cake along. Instead we fill up on other yummy things at dinner since we've already had cake (OK, OK we had more cake later too).

Nessa helped me mix and bake the cake the night before, and then she got up early yesterday morning to help me frost it. As many of you might imagine Nessa's favorite part was putting the sprinkles on the cake.

Then Nessa sang Happy Birthday to her Daddy without hesitating while I just smiled and held the camera. Then we ate cake. Nessa was a little sad that we had to cut it even though she did indeed want to eat it, so Shawn took the opportunity to impart a bit of wisdom about not being able to eat your cake and have it too.

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