Monday, June 16, 2008

Dancing Girl

Nessa loves music. She likes having songs sung to her at bedtime, and likes the songs she learns at daycare. She likes the songs on VeggieTales, DragonTales and Signing Time. She will sometimes surprise us by breaking into whatever song she has recently learned.

Nessa also loves to dance. Last Friday we were at a Farmer’s Market in a park in La Crosse that had a band playing bluegrass/country, and she couldn’t stay away. When she was done eating before we were Nessa wanted to go over by the music. When Tami and I were trying to buy vegetables Nessa wanted to go over by the music. We finally had to promise her we would go listen to the music when we were done to get her to be good while we were shopping.

Once we did, she couldn’t stand still for long. She started swaying, then bopping, then running in circles around us while swinging her body back and forth. It looked more like running to me, but she said she was dancing. During the Tony Awards she kept wanting to sing along and dance whenever one of the musical numbers came on. The fact that she had no idea what they were singing (or what she was singing, for that matter) didn’t matter in the least. She was gonna dance!

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Janeen said...

I love reading about Nessa because I know that Natalie is not too far behind that and it gives me things to look forward to. She's been so cute lately and it is so much fun watching her do new things. So reading of Nessa's antics make me smile both for Nessa and for where Natalie will be within the next year. They grow up so fast, don't they?