Friday, October 27, 2006

Daddy-Daughter Tales

Shawn here. Wednesday evening Tami, Nessa, and I went to the new, bigger Barnes & Noble that just opened at the mall. Tami went off to look for things for herself and Megan, and I set Nessa down and just followed her as she toddled around the store. She was very excited (all those books!) and went up one aisle and down another, smiling and giggling. She was very good--occasionally she would stop and touch a book, but then she'd be off again to see what else there was to see. When she finally slowed down and actually took a book off the shelf, I had to laugh. The book she picked was "How To Be A Lady". It was right next to "How To Say Thank You", which Nessa considered briefly but then left alone...

Later, when Tami had Nessa back in the children's section, Nessa saw a stuffed kitty that she grabbed and wouldn't set down, so she has a new toy. The kitty has a light brown back and white belly, nose, and paws, so Tami suggested we call it Honey. I was afraid that might lead to some confusion, so I started calling it Honeycat. Of course, once I'd gotten that far, I had to go all the way, so I now refer to it (sometimes, anyway) as B. J. Honeycat.

Last night I wasn't feeling so great when I got home, so after feeding Nessa I put on a signing video from the library that I hadn't seen yet. Nessa sat in my lap for the entire video, watching contently and occasionally doing some of the signs. It was wonderful snuggle time. We're pretty good buds, my daughter and I.

I've also been picking Nessa up from day care for the last few days in an attempt to get her to leave without fussing so much. That has worked, but apparently at a price. This morning I took Nessa in for the drop off, and for the first time ever (that I know of) she was fussy and clingy and did not want to stay. Major Daddy guilt...sigh. Be careful what you wish for, I guess, although I still wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Nobody ever told me that being a Dad would be this much fun!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm Officially Daddy

Shawn here. Yesterday morning, as I was getting her dressed, Nessa looked up at me and said "Daddy!". She has repeated it several times since then, so it wasn't a fluke--I'm now officially "Daddy" instead of "Dada".

This is all part of the language explosion currently happening at our house. It seems like Nessa says several new words every day, and sometimes two-word phrases show up as well. Last night, after pointing to "Megan", "Mama", and "Daddy", she even took a stab at saying "Nessa". We're not sure she's tried to say any of the cats' names yet, but we have heard something that sounds like "kitty cat" a few times--the "k" sound is still harder for her than softer consonants like "d" or "m".

Not everything she says becomes part of her regular vocabulary, but sometimes a word will disappear for days and then come back when we least expect it. That reminds us that she's always absorbing things, storing them away to try out later. She's a very observant little girl. She will now blow kisses on her own when Mommy or Daddy is leaving, or wave (and say) bye-bye, or both. She keeps picking up new signs as well, although those come and go like many of her words. It will be interesting to see how much Nessa says when we're together with Tami's family at Thanksgiving and Christmas, since she's still usually shy in crowds and noisy situations.

Friday, October 20, 2006


It has been a busy couple of weeks and I'm so looking forward to this weekend. The best part of THIS Friday though is that Shawn is flying home right now!!! :-)

Last week I was busy at work with or annual Fall conference which included attending a couple of night events in addition to some extra house. Then this Monday Shawn left for San Jose for some training with Business Objects. Us girls survived but it was a bit rough at times.

This weekend we have a busy Saturday planned but hope to find sufficient time this weekend to simply do nothing as well -- doing nothing together is my favorite thing. :-)

Saturday afternoon we're attending the La Crosse Walk to Remember (October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month) and then Saturday night we're going out to dinner and to Anything Goes at the Community Theatre.

And I'm sure Nessa will learn about a dozen new words if she keeps up her current pace ... always wonderful new toddler discoveries going on at our house these days. :-)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Night night ...

Megan and Nessa right before bedtime Monday night ...

Nessa Praying

Concentrating: "Come Lord Jesus ..." (they did tell me it was time to pray)

Wait, why is mom getting the camera?

Megan, do you know what SHE is doing now?

OK, I waited (a couple of months?) after Nessa started routinely praying with us at dinner before stopping to take a photo ... but I still feel bad. The cutest part is that she simply picked it up by observation. We never tried to specifically teach her.

These days she's picking up LOTS of things through observation ....

Mom's apple is yummy

Just like a typical toddler ... stealing mom's snack (wish it worked with veggies)

Friday, October 06, 2006

This is the way we brush our teeth!

I think Nessa actually likes looking in the mirror more than she likes brushing her teeth but it gets her excited to do it so that's a plus in my book. And it's SOooo cute too! :-)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Girl Scout Cookie Time!!!!

It's cookie time!!

Note -- if this post looks a little familiar it's because it's almost identical to the one I posted just over a year ago (I'm a little late this year). If you have questions, let me know! Thanks, Tami

Megan is selling Girl Scout cookies as part of Brownie Troop 470, part of the Riverland council... and you can purchase this classic favorite for yourself or for our soldiers (part of Cookies for Iraq, see more info below).

In addition to raising funds for her Brownie troop, a portion of each box sold also goes directly into a fund for Megan going to camp. Last year this meant she was able to go to the "Sophisicated Ladies" camp at Camp Ehawee near La Crosse (it was Sunday thru Wednesday and she loved it!)
Details are below. Contact us with any questions ...

Cost: $3.50 per box

Taking orders until Oct. 15
Delivering Cookies Nov. 11-27
Pay for cookies at time of delivery or by Nov. 27th

Flavors available:

Samoas -- Tender vanilla cookies, covered with caramel, rolled in toasted coconut, and striped with a rich, chocolaty coating. Approximate count: 15

Thin Mints -- A thin wafer covered with a smooth chocolaty coating. Made with natural peppermint. Approximate count: 38

Do-si-dos -- Crisp and crunchy oatmeal cookies with creamy peanut butter filling. No artificial color or flavor. Approximate Count: 22.

All Abouts -- These beautifully -designed shortbread cookies have a series of Girl Scout messages on top and a rich fudge coating on the bottom. Approximate Count: 16.

Trefoils -- Short, tender, delicate-tasting shortbread that melts in your mouth. Approximate Count: 44.

Tagalongs -- Tasty cookies topped with creamy peanut butter and covered with a luscious chocolatey coating. Approximate Count: 15

Lemon Coolers -- (reduced fat) Bite-sized bursts of cool lemon flavor in crisp, vanilla cookies. Zesty lemon chips and a covering of powdered sugar make these "lemon wedge" cookies too cool to resist! Approximate Count: 33.

Cafe Cookies -- Carmalized with brown sugar, this charmingly crisp cookie will delight even cookie connoisseurs. With a hint of cinnamon spice, it's perfect with your favorite warm beverage. Approximate count: 47.

Thank you so much and let us know if you have questions or are interested in ordering.

*** Girl Scout "Cookies Iraq" ***
Everyone is touched in some way by our soldiers stationed throughout Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. The Girl Scouts of Riverland Council will be sending cookies you purchase to the soldiers stationed in any of these three places!

All soldiers would love to receive this uniquely American Girl Scout treat, so don't hesitate to buy an extra box (or two) today. Each box will contain a special message thanking them from you for their service and bravery!

If you have a specific soldier in mind, please provide the Girl Scouts with their APO address and we'll ship them for you.

Shipping is being donated [by local business leaders]. Don't forget, your purchase of "Cookies Iraq" is a 100% tax deductible donation!The Girl Scouts of Riverland Council serve the following counties in western Wisconsin: Buffalo, Trempealeau, JACKSON, La Crosse, Monroe, Vernon, Crawford, parts of Grant and Allamakee continues in Iowa, and Houston county in Minnesota.

Monday, October 02, 2006

18 Months Old Today!


As you turn eighteen months old, Daddy wants you to know how proud he is of you, and how much joy you bring him. You are smart and cute and strong and a lot of fun to be around (most of the time, anyway). As you learn to use your signs and your words, I can't wait to help you explore and learn even more, to watch you with wonder as you wonder at the world. You have brought me more joy than I ever thought possible, little girl, and I need to find ways to show you that, so that you always know how much you are loved and how special I think you are. You are my treasure, my joy, and my hope, and I love you.