Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Checking in from Philly...

I'm in Philadelphia for the Society for Technical Communication conference (www.stc.org)until Thursday. Since this is a family blog I won't go on and on about the career-inspiring sessions I'm attending. I'm learning a lot and I'm getting pretty exhausted, and yet I'm so glad I'm here and thankful for this opportunity for professional development ... and yet on a personal level, I'm mostly Lonely in Philadelphia.

I felt it before the plane even left La Crosse. The emotions were in stark contrast with the last time I was traveling (to Annapolis with Shawn over Mother's Day weekend). Traveling with Shawn is one of my favorite things, and this past trip was one of the best. Then after I arrived here there were so many things I wanted to share with Shawn, and being me I wanted to share them IMMEDIATELY ... much of it will be shared in various conversations over the next several weeks, but much of it will also be lost in time. Shawn and I love exploring cities together too ...

Okay I'm in danger of getting really sappy and it's late so it probably wouldn't turn out well. I miss my best friend in every way.

At the same time I smile when I think of Shawn home with Nessa. I miss my sweet girls too. It helps me to know that Nessa is happily following her normal routine (you know, our routine girl), and that Shawn is there to sing her to sleep at night and give her extra hugs and kisses from me. I also know Megan is having fun on her end of the year field trip today, and is counting the hours left in 4th grade.

I'll barely be back in WI for a day before leaving for a weekend in Northfield, MN to get more Cully snuggles and see the rest of my family at Cully's baptism.

Next week I plan on soaking up the every-day wonderfulness that is my family ...
and laundry.

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Shawn said...

I miss you too, my love! I can't wait until you get back ... at which point I leave for two days, but at least we'll be able to hug each other a few times :-)

Love, always and forever,