Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ground 1, Nose 0

Sunday Nessa was swinging in the back yard and wanted to change which way she was facing. When I put her back on the swing, she tried to scoot forward in the seat without grabbing the ropes. All of a sudden she was face down on the ground, crying. When I got her up, her nose was bloody. We started for the house, and it kept bleeding, and bleeding, and bleeding. Nessa was being very brave and following directions very well through her tears. Megan was just coming out the front door, so she got some tissues while Tami got a wet washcloth and a towel.

For a while it seemed like there was blood everywhere: all over Nessa’s shirt, on her face, arms and legs, on my hands… But after a few minutes the bleeding stopped and we were able to get her cleaned up. By that point she had regained her composure and realized she was OK, and she told us she didn't hurt anywhere. There was no swelling--mostly she had gotten shaken up and scared. She was able to have a picnic with Megan as soon as we finished cleaning her up.

Tami worked hard on the shirt and by the next day you couldn’t tell that it had been bloody at all. We have a couple of drops of blood on the sidewalk and steps to remind us, but otherwise our sweet girl came through her childhood rite of passage just fine.

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