Monday, March 12, 2007

We should have called her Hattie!

Saying Nessa loves to play with Hats (and mittens and gloves to some extent) is an understatement! Nessa LOVES hats (who needs dress up clothes when you have a big sister's old hats not to mention mom and dad's hats!) and here are a few pictures we've captured of her and "her hats."

That basket you can see in the upper left of the above picture is a basket of hats that Megan and I wore last year but hadn't taken out to use this year -- it was like finding buried treasure for Nessa to discover it while she was downstairs with me one day while I was doing laundry! Nessa has been bringing one hat upstairs at a time to wear and play with ... she even insisted on wearing the hat in the first two pictures below outside and to daycare more than a few times. :-)

Nessa was wearing the hat and then decided that Sam needed to wear it. She was also waiting for someone to come and give her a push (she loves riding in the clothes baskets!).

There will be more "Nessa in hat" pictures to come I'm sure as we still haven't captured her usual of putting on a hat and at least one mitten or glove (not hers of course) and then pushing her shopping cart around and saying "ready to go!" :-)

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