Monday, March 12, 2007

friend, play, water, boat

OK, I copied that adorable picture from my friend Rachel's site (, and you can see more of the great photos she took while she and Ben joined us at the Children's Museum in La Crosse on her flicker site:

You can see a few pictures I took below but none of them are as good as hers are (she is a better photographer, has a better camera, and takes time to do better editing afterwards ... so yes, they are a lot better!)

We met Rachel and Ben at the Children's museum Saturday afternoon. I told Nessa that after her nap we would go and play (used the sign) with a friend (used the sign) in addition to telling her we were going to the museum (she wouldn't remember it) to meet Rachel and Ben. So Nessa kept signing friend and play all morning and I kept telling her that we would go after her nap. The problem is that she didn't take a nap (the price we paid for her sleeping in Sat. morning) ... luckily she stayed in a good mood most of the time at the museum and didn't start melting until she didn't wan to leave Pizza Doctors afterwards and the good thing is that she fell fast asleep when we got her home and into her pajamas!

Since Saturday Nessa talks about and signs about playing with a friend with water and boats. Yes, Nessa loved the river display the best of all and could have played with the boats in the water the entire two hours if I had let her. She also enjoyed many other parts of the museum, including the Kwik Trip store and the new Wiggles and Giggles toddler area. Nessa didn't really care for the fire truck though ... well, except she liked wearing the fire hat! :-)

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