Monday, March 12, 2007


I would never have tried it myself ... never thought Nessa had enough hair for pigtails but this Sunday Megan proved me wrong as she put pigtails in Nessa's hair (and Nessa sat still for it!).

Sitting still for a photos was an entirely different matter!

OK, I just have to say "Isn't she totally adorable???"

And, mom, am I dreaming or does that look a lot like my 2 year old birthday picture? I'll have to dig those pictures out!

Nessa loved her pig tails and kept them in most of the day Sunday and wanted Megan to put them in again today (Monday) so at least this morning she had them in again! I wish she would leave barrettes in the same way. :-)

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Simply Janeen said...

Nessa's SO cute with her pigtails. One of these days when I get my pictures developed, I'll have plenty of Natalie with pigtails. They just really make a girl look like a girl. lol Nessa's definitely a cutie though.