Saturday, March 03, 2007

More special features!

Ahh the sign of a modern toddler!

So, by now you have the idea that we watch Signing Time DVDs, um quite a lot (it's been every day this week I think). I console myself with the fact that Nessa doesn't watch any other TV/cartoons (the fact that we only have the most basic cable helps us resist that one!). So, Nessa is very used to DVDs.

Last night Nessa was watching Signing Time with Daddy (volume 5 I believe "My Day") and afterwards they watched all of the special features. And Daddy must have called them special features. This morning Nessa was again watching Signing Time, but this time with Mommy (Daddy's day to sleep in ... it was about 6 a.m.). Afterwards I wanted the special feature that showed additional signs and then the one that just went through all of the songs so I could practice. When those were done, I started turning it off and telling Nessa it was "all done." She looked at me and said "more special features?"

And there was much laughter! :-)

But there were no more special features as it was time to move on to less exciting things like folding clothes. :-)

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Simply Janeen said...

Too cute. I've been trying some signs with Natalie but she hasn't been too interested. She's got too much to do, I guess. Besides, she might get confused considering John also speaks to her in German. She can respond to "Give me a kiss" in both English and German.