Friday, March 02, 2007

TWO snow days in ONE week!

Yes, folks La Crosse must no longer be considered one of the last schools to cancel. I suppose we can blame the bus company for Monday's lack of school since the buses were literally snowed in due to a broken snow plow (, but still it was interesting how many kids made it to the mall or mount La Crosse for skiing that day!

Today, on the other hand, was just one of those winter storm days that was hard to call so, like most schools today, La Crosse I'm sure was just being cautious. This second storm has been very unpredictable but in the end pretty kind to us. We got a little bit of freezing rain and ice yesterday but not nearly as much as predicted and the snow today hasn't been too bad. We had about 3.5 inches overnight and another inch or so this morning.

This time around the real blizzard weather went north and west of us ... I haven't had a chance to check on details in all the cities/towns that way but I hear it was pretty bad (if you're reading from that area, drop a comment and update everyone).

Last weekend is now being referred to as the Blizzard of 2007 around here. I hope that means there won't be another one this year. :-) I believe our official snow totals for that blizzard here on the south side of La Crosse was 22 inches. The most I heard was the Winona, MN area with 29.5 inches!! (I don't know how much they've received in this most recent storm but likely more than we have.)

Megan is making me proud as she is out helping the neighbor (elderly lady) shovel her driveway! :-)

Megan also said that later this weekend she would help Nessa make a friend for our snowman (I think he needs a little help first between a little melting, freezing rain and now snow covering his hat, etc., but then a friend would be good.)

I'm working from home today and right now I'm waiting forever for an import as I evaluate a new documentation tool that I need to write up an ROI for by Monday...

Hope all of you are warm, safe and well.

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