Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Turn, Turn, Turn

Nessa has been learning about sharing, both at home and at daycare, and is pretty good about it most of the time. Whenever she's sharing something, she'll say "Megan's turn" (or Mommy's or Daddy's) then "Nessa's turn," back and forth until the food item is gone or it's time to play with something else.

Now "turn" has another use. This morning, Megan offered to help Nessa pick out her clothes, and Nessa said "Daddy's turn!" Whoever she wants to help her, it's their 'turn.' You gotta love toddler logic! :-)


Rachel said...

Ha! In our house, if it is something fun like taking a bite, playing with a toy, or turning on a light, it is always Ben's turn. When I ask Ben to pick up his toys, he answers, "No, Mommy's turn."

rae rae said...

mmmm, it's always Carter's turn in our house too. :)