Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pizza Rose Brooks

Last night we had pizza for supper (in Tami's case, something resembling pizza). Nessa loves pizza. We were talking about the sign for pizza (technically you have to finger spell it but some shorten it to a two fingered Z), and Nessa started finger spelling and saying letters. Since started doing this while Shawn, Megan and I were all talking in a rather animated way, I only caught the end as she said and signed "a." I got Shawn's attention and said "she just spelled pizza!" I was so excited as she started smiled and started to do it again. Very carefully she signed and spelled: N E S S A and exclaimed "Pizza!"

And much laughter was heard.

We've been doing a lot of ASL finger spelling, especially of names. And we have been so proud the last few days when Nessa could correctly spell (say and sign) her name. Nessa has also been signing along and spelling along when we say and finger spell each of our names as well as some of her friend's names. She often asks us to do this. It's been great fun. And of course we were so proud of our smart little girl ... last night's funny proves what a normal funny toddler she is! :-)

Of course we still think she's brilliant and beautiful, and ... and has parents that are just a wee bit biased! ;-)

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