Friday, March 23, 2007

Big News this morning!

In Nessa's words: "went pee on the potty."

YES!!! :-) We heard that wonderful, wonderful tinkle for the very fist time this morning. I fully realize that this does not mean she's anywhere near "potty trained" but learning has indeed commenced!

We bought a small seat to fit on top of our toilet a few weeks ago because Nessa had been asking for a number of weeks to sit on the potty but would get scared when I just tried to sit her on the "big potty." So the last few weeks sometimes she asks and we put her on the potty, but nothing has ever happened. I figured the first thing that needs to happen is that she has to recognize what's happening when she pees so basically we were waiting for an accident -- either she would accidentally go in the potty or she would possibly go at another time while her diaper was off (she did this several months ago and had a brief glimmer of recognition).

This morning she was virtually dry when I took off her diaper so I thought it would be the perfect time for an accident and asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty ... when I first heard it I looked at her and smiled and she smiled and when I asked her if she could pee some more (she stopped after just a tiny bit), she did! I so wish I could have captured her HUGE smile. It was adorable. She was so excited. :-)

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Simply Janeen said...

YAY Nessa! I bought one of those little Baby Bjorn potties yesterday for Natalie. She's been taking off her diaper and she has had an accident with her diaper off (she peed on the bed) so I thought that at the very least, I'd start introducing her to the idea of the potty. Maybe I'm crazy but I just don't want Natalie to be as old as I was by the time I potty trained. I was almost 4. Uh-uh. My mom was very hands off about it and just let us learn on our own. I'm not looking to potty train her yet but what I want to do is get her used to the idea of going somewhere other than in her diaper. I'm thinking one way of doing that is by taking her to the potty when I go and by having her sit on the potty when her diaper is off during changes. She's a pretty independent little kid with a mind of her own so who knows, maybe she'll pick up on it.