Wednesday, April 02, 2008

To My Daughter As She Turns Three

Three? You can’t be three, Nessa Rose! It seems like it was only a few months ago that your mommy and I were wondering if you were ever going to arrive…

It’s been another big year. You are very much your own person now, and while that can be challenging, it can also be so much fun. Your imagination soars; it’s a joy to listen as you narrate your play, to hear what is going on inside your head. You can (and do!) express your own opinions, preferences, and attitudes, and your mommy and I are still learning how best to accommodate those in our thinking and planning.

It’s fun to watch you thinking, sweet girl. When you cock your head slightly and your eyes go off to the side, I know you’re working something out for yourself. You’re smart, and we know that sometimes you’re trying to figure the angles. But sometimes you’re just fitting a new piece of information into your own idea of how the world works. When that happens it’s so much fun to see what you come up with next. When you connect two things for the first time and realize that the connection leads to something else, your delight is contagious. I get excited watching you get excited, and you make me smile so big I think it’s going to reach my ears. Watching you learn new things is the most fun thing about you right now.

You’ve come so far physically too. You can now run, and jump, and draw, and write your name (with a little help from someone steadying the pencil). You can sing a recognizable melody and open doorknobs and drawers. You can help around the house, folding washcloths and putting away dishes. If only we could get you to pick up your toys…

You’re learning all about your emotions: what your different feelings are, when you need to control them and when you can let them go, how to leave behind a sad or angry time and become happy again. That can be stressful, for you and for Mommy and Daddy, but those are things everyone needs to learn, and we try to help you the best we can.

Your mommy and I love you, Nessa Rose…more and more with each passing day. You are my greatest treasure. I hope I’m being a good Daddy, that you’ll look back on these years as a happy time, full of love and support and adventure every day. You’ve certainly been an adventure for me—the biggest adventure I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Happy 3rd birthday, my sweet girl!


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