Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Medical News

Nessa had her 3 year-old checkup today. We were expecting a routine appointment, but instead we got thrown another curveball. After a thorough examination, the doctor was quite certain: Nessa has "dressing dyslexia."

Apparently, DD can take several forms. Aggressive colorization, clothes on backwards, wearing one sock or shoe each from two different pairs, and putting shoes on the wrong feet are all common symptoms. It's not contagious, although researchers have speculated that it could be genetic.

Naturally, we were stunned. We've seen the symptoms, of course, but I guess we were in denial. I just thought Nessa was eclectically disaccessorizing. I had no idea it was so serious. However, the doctor assured us that Nessa should be able to lead a happy life, and even said that if she learns to control it, DD could actually lead to personal fulfillment and prosperity. The only real treatment (naturism) is not practical in this part of the country (at least not year round). There are some experimental treatments involving depigmented sack dresses and the like, but frankly I can't see subjecting my little girl to those extremes. I guess we'll just learn to live with it. It certainly doesn't seem to be bothering Nessa any.

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Janeen said...

Huh, that must be what Punky Brewster had then. lol