Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Celiac Journey: Part 2 -- initial apt. to biopsy prep

I'm tired and the night will be a short one, so this update will be short as well.

Our apt. at Mayo with Dr. Grothe went VERY well. I was impressed with the clinic (my first time there) and feel confident with the doctor. I have only good things to say about our interactions with everyone there today.

I also have good things to say about Nessa. She did very well. She reports that the best part of the appointment was when the doctor checked her belly. After thinking about it she added, "and the blood test." I asked her to tell me what they did during the blood test and she reminded me about how she got a band aid (she likes that), a little froggy, and lots of stickers. :-) Seriously, she did awesome during the blood draw and afterwards the Nurses went on and on about how they wish all of the kids were that easy as Nessa barely moved and just held a intense and curious look on her face.

We discussed the options going forward with the doctor and while she said that Nessa's test results were impressive (not in a good way), that she would still recommend doing an intestinal biopsy both to confirm the Celiac diagnosis and also to check for a couple of other things. They will likely also be taking additional blood while she's sedated to check a few things, including vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We agreed that finding out all of this would be best, and we scheduled the biopsy.

So, we need to be back at Mayo, or rather Methodist hospital, by 6:45 a.m. tomorrow, and this means the alarm needs to go off at 3:45. If it wasn't for thoroughly appreciating my few hours at home today I would have wondered why we didn't stay in town. :-) (By the way I enjoyed those hours because I was collapsed comfortable in my own bed napping as I was totally wiped out from the day.)

We expect to get the biopsy results late in the day Thursday. We're scheduled to return to Mayo for a follow up with Dr. Grothe and an apt. with a Celiac dietitian on Monday afternoon.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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