Monday, April 28, 2008

As if the winter wasn't long enough...

This Monday morning we're getting snow! Okay, so it could be worse and anyone even a wee bit farther north will probably tell me so, but still ... yuck!

There were faint little flakes Saturday morning, but today it's actually settling into little white mounds in the colder areas of the ground (not the streets or sidewalks at this point). Luckily we had a nice weekend in spite of the "doesn't quite feel like Spring" weather. From helping Megan w/ a school project that included my first transfer from our camcorder to CD via computer (Friday night), to a Saturday that went from early morning rummage sales to a night at the theater with Megan and her friend, and a Sunday afternoon that included reading an entire (fiction!) book while Nessa napped (so what if if it was Megan's new book that I wanted to make sure was appropriate, it still counts ... and it was a good book).

If I don't freeze while working in this cold house today, I might get around to posting pics soon.

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