Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nessa Birthday Photos

Only a week and a few days late ... pictures of Nessa opening birthday presents.

I realized while uploading these pictures that we neglected to take any photos of Nessa with her "birthday cake" (rice krispie bars ... this was by her request as whenever we asked her what she wanted for her birthday (meaning presents) all she said was "krispie bars"). So, these pictures of her opening presents is all we have from her birthday. The princess crown she is wearing in the pictures was made by one of her daycare teachers.

Happy 3rd Birthday Nessa!

The next pictures were taken the weekend after Nessa's birthday while Nessa was opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa Brooks.

Although we don't have pictures Nessa also received many other great presents from family -- THANK YOU! At our request games were the main theme of Nessa's 3rd birthday and now we're set to have lots of fun with our wonderful 3-year-old girl! In addition to games Nessa got some great new clothes, a wonderful white bench (also useful as a doll crib), books, and a few other toys. It's going to be another fun year, and now that she's smiling more for photos you all just might be able to tell that Nessa is happy sometimes! :-)

Of course we still get some interesting looks when we photograph her, so see for yourself in the recently uploaded Spring photos (birthday and more):

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