Wednesday, September 05, 2007

There and back again

That's the current message on my Gmail status line (next to the little dot that tells you if I'm online or not and if I am online whether I'm busy or not (and there are times I set it to available when online, really there are)). It will likely stay the current message for awhile as now that we're back there is a lot to do to finish unpacking and settle into our fall routine.

We had a WONDERFUL time over Labor Day weekend while spending time on Kelleys Island with Kevin, Jo and Max. As Shawn said repeatedly it was so much fun to watch Nessa and Max play together, and that alone was worth the trip. In addition to enjoying the visit together we also enjoyed visiting Kelley's Island (a return trip for Shawn and the first time for me and Megan). Great place. Great weather. Great Trip.

More details and a few photos should be posted later this week.

We returned just in time for Megan to get to bed because it was a "school night." We took her to her dad's house because this year Megan is attending La Crescent schools (more on this soon). She is in 4th grade this year and her teacher seems great so far. I hope she has a fun and exciting year.

Happy fall!

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