Monday, September 17, 2007

PTO fundraiser

This year you'll have to look elsewhere to get your Girl Scout Cookie fix (Megan is choosing other activities instead), but that doesn't mean we're not selling anything this fall.

Megan is participating in a fundraiser for the La Crescent PTO to help with the cost of field trips and "enhance the educational experience" at La Crescent-Hokah Elementary School. This is a "friends and family" sale only (no door to door), and of course there are incentives ... starting at only 30 items sold there are actually some pretty good incentives so Megan thanks you ahead of time for your consideration as we know there are a lot of fundraisers going on this fall.

So, follow the link and check out what they have for sale. They have a lot of different items, including lots of wrapping paper and other Christmas items. You'll know you're on the right page because I included a picture of Megan (not the best pic but handy this afternoon).

Or, if that doesn't work try the tiny url I made (or try copy/paste as recommended below)


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