Monday, September 17, 2007

So, you would think I would be happy when she's doing what I told her to do

Yes, Megan is trying very hard to clean her VERY messy room. And she's even listening to me and getting rid of LOTS of clothes that don't really fit well or that she doesn't wear for whatever reason (and no, I'm not saving it ALL for Nessa ... watch for rummage sale at our place soon ... I hope). But instead of only be thrilled that she's actually doing it, even if it is at a pace makes me wonder if there has been movement between my hourly checks, I find myself biting my tongue repeatedly. Yes, it becomes very clear to me why I struggle with clutter as I have to keep myself from saying, "you're getting rid of that?"

I hope I can take a lesson from her and be brutal as I try to declutter this house. I would say it's a fall project, but more realistically it's a life project. :-)

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