Friday, September 21, 2007

This and that in September

It's Friday night and here are a few tidbits ...

  • Shawn aspires to be "Dad Asparagus." (Veggie Tales) Dad Asparagus is the perfect dad. He is wise, gentle, patient and always knows what to say. And he is also very clear headed.
  • I'm sure we would all be more clear headed if we had a script. Someone else to do my voice would personally be very helpful as well.
  • I'm very disappointed that I didn't get a single recipe or suggestion on what to do with all of the tomatoes! This means one (or more) of the following: a. nobody is reading our blog b. our blog readers don't like tomatoes c. our blog readers make it a rule to NEVER leave comments d. nobody cared to help me out with a little cooking inspiration f. none of the above
  • This week is was Shawn's turn to take tomatoes into work.
  • We had goulash this week.
  • We had lots of tomatoes on salad this week.
  • I've now tried sliced tomatoes with sugar (raw, pure cane) on them. Yummy!
  • We have tons of tomatoes left and I'm not going to be able to eat them before they go bad.
  • We had a brief but harsh storm with hard rain and wind late this afternoon (Friday around 4 p.m.). Many branches are down around our neighborhood. I didn't think there were any loose branches left that would come down. I think this is enough now.
  • Megan is settling into school very well. I even got a positive report from her teacher about how great she is doing in class and how well she seems to be getting along with everyone. From my perspective she isn't showing any "new kid" anxiety at all.
  • Megan recently had a shooting contest for 4H in the Twin Cities. She told me got 13th place (unofficially because she isn't old enough to really compete but they allow younger kids there to practice). And yes, there were more than 13 kids there (considerably more I think but I can't remember how many she said).
  • Last weekend Shawn and I went out Saturday night for dinner and some great comedy at the Pump House (Heart of La Crosse did a fall show this year!).
  • THIS Saturday Shawn and I get to go out again! This it's Mame at the La Crosse Community Theatre.
  • Other things on the agenda for this weekend are not nearly as exciting -- laundry, major cleaning and preparation for the fund raising rummage sale I'm planning to have the next weekend (ready or not), laundry, back to a normal Sunday morning schedule complete with Sunday School and Choir practice, and did I mention laundry.
  • Have you noticed the blog changes -- other than posts that is? I've been trying to update the column on the right side of the blog and will continue to do so regularly, plus much of the content updates automatically so be sure to check it out every time you stop by.
  • Thank goodness I have a way to check who is visiting this site or I would think that nobody is. It's OK to leave comments ... good ones might even make it into a scrapbook someday.
  • We're heading into a busy few weeks ahead so after the next several days posting may be a bit slower (but I'm still determined to catch up before then). The same week of Oktoberfest is also my work conference (the one where I have to dress in business professional and attend things like dinner at the Freight House and the Waterfront and other really rough tasks).
  • I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of this and that ... when I asked Shawn he only said things I could roll my eyes at. I don't think Dad Asparagus would have done that. Then again Dad Asparagus doesn't make me laugh and smile nearly as much as my wonderful husband.


Rachel said...

Sadly, I have no good tomato recipes,; otherwise, I would have shared for sure. Salsa is all I could come up with, and I'm sure that you have alreday thought of that yourselves.

Tami of BrooksGroth said...

Yeah, the comment drought is over. :-)

Awe your blog is always full of great food so I thought just maybe you would have tomato ideas too ... I think it will be BLTs for lunch tomorrow (again). I'm sure I'll be missing the fresh tomatoes in a few months though.

Janeen said...

Any way to can them or something? Or make tomato sauce and can that? I don't eat tomatoes myself so I really can't help there. lol

I hear ya on the lack of comments though; I've started posting blog entries on my MySpace page since I have more people respond there. lol