Thursday, August 30, 2007

End of summer ... hitting the road one more time

For a change we're heading East rather than North.

We're going to spend the weekend on Kelleys Island in Ohio with Kev, Jo and Max. It should be great once we get there! Wish us luck getting there. We do NOT want another construction/traffic nightmare like we faced a year ago going to Michigan. So we're leaving tonight so that hopefully the girls will sleep for at least some of the drive and we won't be stressed about missing the last ferry to the Island on Friday due to delays around Chicago. My hope is to get to the other side of Chicago tonight and then leisurely go from there Friday morning, but just getting to this side of Chicago will still buy us some time.

Shawn and I have both taken Tuesday off to recover from the long drive on Monday. We also hope to prepare and transition into our new fall schedule which I'll fill you all in on as soon as possible after we get back.

In other news:
  • Our grass is now back to a normal length and things appear to be drying out here.
  • According to some my hair is back to a too short length ... according to Nessa it's "beautiful."
  • Megan will be able to tell you personal stories of trying to clean up after the flood/mudslides including carrying mud out of the basement one bucket at a time. Our hearts continue to go out to everyone affected by the rain storms and resulting mud slides.
  • We have survived yet another year of "back to school" shopping and remain convinced there is a conspiracy so that a parent can never get everything all at one store.
  • When it comes to things like bike helmets you should always just go to the bike store right away instead of wasting your money on the cheap version first. My first ride with Nessa in the great new (used) bike trailer I found was met with "Get this thing OFF of me!" screams. :-( Then before I could stop she managed to get if off herself (without undoing the clasp). Other than that, I think she enjoyed the ride. :-)

May you all enjoy the last days of summer!

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Rachel said...

Good luck with the travel. I hope you have a great time!