Monday, September 17, 2007

Marcus' Baptism

Those of you paying attention saw a few newborn pictures of Marcus earlier this summer ... he's grown a little in the last couple of months! Isn't he gorgeous?!

We went up to Rochester on Sunday morning for Marcus' baptism at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Rochester, and afterwards were treated to a nice dinner at Olive Garden for the entire clan (Groths and Olsons) that was there. As usual there wasn't enough time to talk to everyone, but it was still nice to see everyone at least briefly. I especially enjoyed seeing the kids as they are all growing and changing so quickly.

I also can't believe that we managed to get a family picture without any screaming kids! And you can't even tell that I'm holding Nessa down to get her to stay there instead of running away!

You can see the rest in the flickr set:

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