Saturday, September 15, 2007

Megan at the Houston County Fair recap

Megan loves her goat Floppy!!!

I just realized that while I uploaded the photos to Flickr I never actually blogged about it which is bad, bad, bad because I should have been brag, brag, bragging about how great Megan did!!

Megan got not one but TWO Grand Champion ribbons for showing her goat at the fair! One for Showmanship and one for Market Goat. Megan also got a blue ribbon and honorable mention for the bird house she made in teh crafts catagory. Megan worked very hard creating her bird house and writing about how she did the project so I'm so glad that was noticed by the judges (and I wish I had a photo to share with you). And of course Megan works hard caring for all of her goats (three of them at her Dad's house) all of the time. Megan also had to teach Floppy how to walk on a leash and do some other special things to prepare him for the fair. Megan also has learned a lot about the goats and this paid off when the judge asked her lots of questions.

I asked Megan what the best thing about the fair was and the first things she said was, "It was fun!." Then she did say it was a good learning experience too. She says that next year she wants to enter more goats and do more things.

Megan and her friends had fun earlier in the week at the fair, but Shawn, Nessa and I didn't get to go until the Saturday of the fair -- the day the rain started (probably why I forgot to blog about it the next day) ... So, we all have our rain ponchos on in the pictures. We spend a fun but very wet couple of hours there seeing not only Floppy but many of the other animals and projects (and eating of course).

Nessa's favorite part of the fair was being allowed to go in and pet "Megan's goat."

To see all of Megan's photos from the fair, look at the set in Flickr:

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