Monday, September 17, 2007

Have any good tomato recipes?

We have an abundance of tomatoes and I'm looking for some creative uses (for fresh or frozen; large tomatoes or grape/plum tomatoes). Please leave ideas or complete recipes in the comments or email them to me. PLEASE, this is a real request ... give us some supper ideas for this week that include tomatoes.

We also have another whole chicken in the freezer from a local hobby farmer that also happens to work with Shawn. So, if you have a recipe that involves tomatoes and a whole chicken that would be awesome.

The chickens (we're having one tonight) and the tomatoes should certainly help me with the Wisconsin Eat Local Food Challenge ( What are you doing to help local communities, farmers, the environment and your health? :-)

While I don't plan to cook with them, we also have pumpkins already (may have noticed them on the front steps if you've been paying attention to the flickr photo stream). Rumour has it that there are more pumpkins to be found at the farm so if you are or will be in the area ... for that matter if you are or will be in the area ... do you want a few tomatoes?

And finally, thanks mom and dad for sharing your fall harvest!

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