Thursday, August 02, 2007

Megan is on vacation and we're happy to be home

OK, super quick update since it's my birthday and I can't concentrate on work at the moment anyway --

Megan is on her "see all the national parks you can in a week" vacation with my parents this week. It's actually more than a week, but with travel time not much more. They left last Thursday and will return this Sunday. Hopefully she'll return with a CD of photos so I can share many of them. The big non-park highlight was that my parents took her on a hot air balloon ride (for her birthday present ... like the trip wasn't enough). I think she's going to be tired when she gets home Sunday. :-)

While Megan's trip sounds great, I'm not even jealous because I'm just so thrilled to be spending more time at home this month. We had a nice relaxing weekend with the bonus of seeing good friends and going to a show last weekend and we have another relaxing weekend planned this weekend! :-) After that we should be all rested up for our Anniversary vacation to the following weekend (it involves a B&B and no kiddos!).

Nessa just keeps on being an amazing toddler that comes up with new sentences every day and on the good days she does not come up with new ways of being contradictory (things MUST be her idea). Lately her talking is much more conversational so it's really fun talking to her. She's really into playing kitchen and feeding her dolls and animals as well as doing puzzles and reading books. She still plays with trucks once in awhile but now they usually haul things from her kitchen around and then end up under her blanket asleep. :-)

We've avoided posting about it but we're down to one toilet again. This time it's the downstairs one so it's easier to ignore the problem on a day to day basis. I'm letting Shawn handle this one though. Sadly that's probably NOT the cause of our occasional water in the basement bathroom and laundry area so we'll eventually have to figure that out.

It's been dry (as in no rain) and hot and humid here so we haven't been spending as much time outside as Nessa would like and I haven't been out on my bike much either. Today it actually feels much cooler even though it's still about 88 ... but I think the humidity finally broke with this cool front that's moving through ... I hope it stays cooler for a bit ... August is when I wouldn't mind living in a COOLER climate LOL.

Hope to have more photos to share soon --

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