Thursday, August 02, 2007

Banging Head

OK, there are a few of you out there reading that will get this one .... the rest of you can skip to the next post but don't call me when you need help with a computer program unless you've actually checked the Help first. :-)

So we had a not very satisfactory "customer satisfaction survey" email the other day and a big part of the hit was the documentation ... I took the time to send her a lengthy email and do plan on calling her to see if she'll continue to give me good feedback ... in her reply to my email she thanked me for telling her to use F1 when in the program to get the Help topic that applies to that part of the program (I was really hoping I was reminding her). AAARGH. These customers get THREE weeks of training when they buy our program and the trainers never mention to press F1???? No, I'm not going to go on about how all Windows users should know to press the F1 key (even if there is no Help button to click with the mouse F1 often works) as I've been a tech writer too long to think it's unusual that users don't know that (and yes, darn it, they are users).

:::bang bang bang::: ... ouch, sigh, okay now to forward that email to the boss and see if I can use it in my favor (resource justification and an attempt to get others "on board" w/ my own agenda (ha) ... worth a try)

And NO, my writing here is NOT a reflection of my tech writing skills ... not that I spend a whole lot of time actually writing @@ ;-)

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Rachel said...

Ah yes the joys of technical know, having a job writing things no one reads! I've been there.