Monday, August 06, 2007

Megan's National Park Trip!

Originally uploaded by Tami of BrooksGroth

I've uploaded pictures of Megan's trip out west to 8, yes 8, National Parks ... and a Hot Air Balloon Ride to top it off!!!

When asked what the best thing about the trip was, Megan said it was "ALL GREAT!" I guess that says it all. :-)

She's now home with LOTS of photos, lots of State Park maps and other memorabilia and a National Park "passport" with more than a few stamps in it. (She is also happy to now say she has been to even more states ... she's keeping track on a map now and is up to 22 states that she has visited.)

All the photos are labeled as MeganNatParkTrip on Fickr (few more to upload after we get them from Grandpa and Grandpa yet) Click the photo here to go to Flickr and then you can see more pics! :-)


Anonymous said...

What beautiful, inspirational pictures! And what a treasure of life experience, Megan. Maybe you will be a History buff like your Dad. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Rachel said...

What an awesome experience for Megan. I am more than a little jealous.

PS: Happy anniversary!

Simply Janeen said...

Wow! I've only been in FOUR states! Sounds like Megan had a lot of fun.