Monday, August 13, 2007

Home from R and R at the B and B

We're back home (and reality hit hard today!) after a wonderful weekend relaxing in Northern MN. Shawn and Tami spent most of the time at a B and B in Grand Rapids, MN while Nessa stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Brooks in Walker.

It was a much needed rest and while the drive home was quite brutal (traffic, construction, and an over-tired Nessa) and the first day back to reality a bit more stressful than average (work, more plumbing problems, schedule changes including an unplanned Dr. visit, and an over-tired Nessa), we're still sure it was SO worth it to get away and are hoping to get away for couple-only R&R more often.

While we didn't spend a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors (yucky heat and humidity even up north), I continued to fall in love with northern MN. While Megan tries to figure out how to add to the states she has visited, I may just try to plan more MN/WI vacations (maybe we should concentrate on how many counties we've visited?). There is just so much around here that we haven't even seen or experienced yet. That is, if you count 8 hours in the car as "around here." But with grandparents nearby it's much more "around here" than any place else.

I'm hoping to have pictures uploaded later tonight and will specifically blog some when I get a chance -- watch for the pic of the gas sign in Grand Rapids -- the cheapest gas I've seen in a long time ($2.64)!

Until then, a few more notes:
  • We visited and loved the Judy Garland museum (

  • I visited and fell in love with the Yarn Works store in Grand Rapids( It was the most wonderful yarn store I've ever been in and probably would be even if I couldn't count them all on my fingers! Oh my I can't imagine how real knitters feel there. They had lots of wool which as a fiber snob (don't have to knit for that) I loved ... I went around and felt ALL of it before deciding ... Shawn earned "patient husband of the year" award and got bonus points when he restrained himself from buying me one of the sweatshirts that said "Queen of unfinished projects." (He's new to this and doesn't realize that I'm not even close the the queen on that one!) I also started in on my "cyclone scarf" w/ the most beautiful soft royal blue hand dyed wool that afternoon! (MOM, THERE IS a QUILT STORE too!)

  • We ate at Auntie Em's Cafe ( Or, rather we had smoothies there and while I'm thinking smoothies are not Auntie's specialty, it was fun if only for it's title.

  • If you followed the above links at all, you've figured out that we shopped at Grand Rapids Old Central School shops: for some history ... fun shops, some historical displays, and a museum Shawn went to while I was still in that yarn store.

  • Some day I would like to go back and bike the Mesabi trail: So far I know the first 100 feet or so are pretty nice!

  • Grand Rapids is pretty progressive when it comes to advertising their Internet Access ... there was even a traditional green library sign that said "Wireless Internet" on it instead of library! And the same gas station I happened to use of the "cheap gas" photo shoot also had Internet access available (and drive through espresso!). I was impressed. Of course we were WAY too busy rest'n and relax'n to take advantage of the Internet access ... and if you believe that ...

      Also, it appears that Nessa took care of Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jan very well while Shawn and I were in Grand Rapids. We just hope that they aren't in too much of a withdrawl after being spoiled with Nessa smiles and "I love you" signs. A BIG Thank you to both of you! :-)


      Shawn said...

      Tami was at the B&B too! Honest!! We have pictures to prove it!

      Shawn said...

      Disregard the previous comment--I've modified (we don't edit, you see) the original post to note that Tami was also at the B & B. :)