Monday, August 20, 2007

Links to photos and area flood information

I just wanted to quickly share these ...

Specific link to La Crosse Tribune pages --
This PDF file has a nice map of what happened in the area, complete with rainfall totals as of the time of creation (Sunday night?):

This is a list of flood photos sent to the Tribune. They are listed by community.

From the above list there is a link to Hokah area photos:
And in that slide show you can see where Megan's dad lives (look for the sunflowers in one of the pictures). There are also many pictures of nearby areas of course.

WKBT Photo link
Many, many photos here sent in by viewers; however, they are not organized in any way at all.

There is this one of what the intersection by Kwik Trip in Hokah looked like on Sunday morning:

And this one also close to that area: (those are cars from a Used Car lot)

It is hard to see this in the area, and I do have to admit that the photos of the Hokah area do hit me especially hard having once lived there. I also worry about how Megan will take this change to the area she loves so much (by the way her goat did make it home from the fair safely ... will do an official fair update soon).

I'm also appreciating our own South La Crosse home a bit more today. The last few months have brought many minor complaints about the house forward as we're dealing with more and more plumbing issues and various other little things that have me thinking about possibilities of house hunting in the future ... but today I am SO thankful that between the location and the house, we're safe and dry ... old windows and all, I'm loving our house today.

Hope you're all staying safe and dry too ...

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