Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Got Published!

I'm a little late in posting this, but better late than never. I had an article published in a national publication!

Last winter, a friend of Tami's became editor of The Clarion, the ICAN newsletter. Tami asked her if she would be interested in my version of Nessa's birth story. Tami's friend said yes, so I finished the article I had started soon after Nessa was born. It was published in The Clarion in February (or maybe it was March).

That was neat enough, but The Clarion only circulates to ICAN members. However, the woman who publishes The Compleat Mother saw my story in The Clarion and asked for reprint rights. The cool thing about this is that The Compleat Mother is sold all over the country in co-ops, alternative bookstores, and similar places. It might be for sale near you!

Here is the cover of the issue my article is in (no, that's not a picture of us):

And here is the first page of the article:

Even though we got many complimentary copies, I was so tickled about being able to walk into a store and purchase a magazine with something I wrote in it that I had to buy a copy as well. I'm happy, and very excited that someone liked my work enough to ask me if they could publish it. Although the issue is dated Spring '07, the magazine is a bit behind in its publishing schedule. As of yesterday this issue was still for sale at our local co-op. Get your copy today!

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