Thursday, December 20, 2007

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

... and all through the house every creature was stirring ... (rambling update post follows)

Well, OK, one creature is stirring, and I won't be for long, but secretly I actually enjoy staying up late to wrap presents, create cards, write Christmas notes, and now update the blog with bits of news. I love glimpsing the Christmas tree lights as I complete the busy work of Christmas preparations.

Throughout the week though we have all been busy running last errands to get last-minute gifts, additional Christmas cards, and holiday food. We have also had events and meetings this week just to keep us on our toes. But tonight was just a normal night at home. A night to play with Nessa and watch her discover new things. Tonight the discovery was how she could string her beads and then the cats would play with the string with her (these are the large toddler beads used as a toy). It was a wonderfully ordinary night with lots of smiles and giggles and also lots of opportunities for me to practice my Love and Logic skills (parents and teachers check out their great online articles:

I'm excited to tell you that Love and Logic was also able to give me some help for dealing with our recent night time adventures of Nessa wanting us in her room as she goes to sleep: -- it wasn't a miracle at first try and consistency has been key ... but oh so much better, so much better.

For any of you that have know about Love and Logic you will find it amusing that I disagreed with Nessa the other day and she looked to me sincerely and said: "I love you too much to argue."

Monday Shawn and I attended the Candlelight Memorial Service held by the two infant loss groups in La Crosse. This is always a beautiful service and a touching time as so many families attend and light candles for their babies that are no longer here with us on earth. We remember.

Today (Thursday) nearly everyone had a Christmas party. Nessa had her much anticipated Daycare Christmas party with presents of new toys for the daycare, songs, games and, of course, treats. Megan had her party at school as well, and from what I could gather the main attraction is that they are allowed to bring a bottle of pop to have at the party. Shawn also had a party at work -- free lunch and white elephant gifts. No Holiday fun for me this year (last year we had a pot-luck event) as there is nobody there, and willing, to plan it ... and least we get free lunches now as an ECI2 perk (ECI2 is the company that owns us now ... and you know what they say about free lunches).

This weekend we have not one, but two, Christmas gatherings planned with my (Tami) family. The one Saturday is in Northfield so cross your fingers and say a prayer that the weather will be OK for driving as we're expecting one of those yucky "wintery mix" type storms in the general region.

Prior to church on Christmas Eve we plan on lots of rest and relaxation around here.

Some families will be a little busier this Christmas -- I can't resist an official blog congratulations to Rachel and Jason of as they welcomed their second son, Samuel James, this afternoon!!! Merry Christmas Sammy and family!

Today was the first day in awhile that we didn't receive a Christmas card in the mail. As Nessa would say, 'that made me sad'. We love receiving and reading all of the Christmas cards and letters -- thank you.

And finally, if you're wondering about the picture at the top of the post -- Nessa is not sleeping in the lego box. She just loves to climb into things (sometimes I think she enjoys this more than the cats do). I just happened to catch her in the middle of climbing around trying to get comfortable.

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