Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Family Photo Shoot

Remember that photo shoot I mentioned WAY back in October? Well, we still haven't ordered our actual prints yet (it's going to be hard to decide what goes on the wall and in hypothetical scrapbooks), but I'm finally getting the digitals organized -- here are a few favorites and the brave can go through all or at least more of them at either flickr or Picasa (links below).

Thank you again Tiffany for such great photos .... and some day when we once again get great smiling photos of Nessa it will be just that much sweeter.

Photos taken by Tiffany: www.tiffanybrubaker.com/

Picture album link below goes to my Picasa Web Photo Album (w/ more comments/descriptions):


On Flickr (sans comments/descriptions): http://www.flickr.com/photos/brooksgroth/sets/72157603377186546/

The pictures of Shawn and I are some of my favorites! It's easy to smile with Shawn holding me...

Trying to convince Nessa this will be fun

We sneak a kiss as the girls pose in the yard

Grandpa and Grandma Brooks with the girls and then all of us together...

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