Monday, December 24, 2007

It's a Marshmallow World

OR, as Shawn says: "Enough looking a lot like Christmas Already"

We arrived home this afternoon. It was a nice sunny drive (meaning Nessa screamed several times about the sun in her eyes), and we had to get quite close to home to see evidence of a snowstorm. We could tell the ridge had certainly had some drifting snow, but from our view off of the Interstate the drifts didn't look that big. The closer we got to WI, the more snow we saw. Then, we crossed the bridge over the river, and it was suddenly obvious that there had been quite a snowstorm!

After using the snow blower so we didn't have to trudge through the 14 inches of snow (higher at the end of the driveway due to both drifting and the plow pack) in order to unload the van, Shawn decided to take a few pictures. We won't be getting in the back gate for awhile (above).

Imagine walking through the driveway before it was plowed. That is what I did while carrying Nessa this afternoon. Luckily I at least had my boots on, but since the snow was up to my knees I had dry feet and wet lower legs. I think Nessa was oblivious as our tired girl just huddled down on my shoulder.

The last picture is our neighbors house. We don't often see the bushes covered up with snow.

Shawn says the biggest problem with a white Christmas is that it sticks around for so long afterwards. I'm feeling a bit more generous this Christmas Eve. We spent a wonderful weekend with family, were lucky enough to have good people tromp through the snow to check on our cats when we were unexpectedly away longer than we had planned, and well, it's Christmas. :-) And we do live in Wisconsin. Last year is wasn't until March that we had this much snow, and I would MUCH rather have it NOW. (OK, now I know there is a good chance we could have it both now and then, but that's only a chance and I'm an optimist.)

I see many snow angels covering that "whip cream" yard by Wednesday. :-)

It's a marshmallow world in the winter,
When the snow comes to cover the ground,


Janeen said...

Wow, you guys did get a lot of snow. All that snow you got came to us as RAIN. YUCK. It was almost 40 degrees and then the temps DROPPED on Sunday. We still have some snow though but it got covered by a nice layer of ice. How nice to get that right before Christmas. lol Oh well, I guess it is our turn for a winter storm; we're expecting snow on Friday.

Smithers said...

Dear Tami,

Hey! I wanted to let you know that I will be coming to the church bible study either tomorrow or on the 21st. Can you email me and let me know the schedule. (

I love "Marshmallow World". I am busy busy at the Y. I am trying to recruit membership, and am getting interested in basketball and volleyball. Have a happy day:) Ms. Sara