Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Sunday Before Christmas Vacation-- A New Tradition?

The Sunday before Christmas vacation is the the Sunday our Church has the children's Christmas program (post may follow someday or see the flickr stream for uploaded photos). While trying to keep Nessa quietly entertained and take good pictures of Megan AND actually pay attention to the program and participate when the congregation is asked to do so, Shawn and I both realized that NEXT year BOTH Nessa and Megan will be in the program ... Shawn and I will be sitting by ourselves singing along and snapping pictures... it sounds so nice. :-)

Today though Shawn exited several times with our darling 2 year old (I must say that too often around her because now when I ask her why she does something she says: "because I'm two!").

After church Megan played with Nessa while I uploaded photos and cleared my email inbox. Then we went out for brunch. Megan suggested Hackberry's and Shawn decided it was a special day so we went there -- and YUMMY! I Love that place -- so that can be part of the Christmas Program Sunday tradition as far as I'm concerned! :-)

After we returned home Nessa went down for a much needed nap. Shawn started a (also much needed) fire in the great room for me and Megan before heading down to print out Christmas letters (many in the mail Monday).

Then Megan wrapped a few presents before we got to work on the event of the afternoon -- making a gingerbread house!

Do you see Megan's "we need a snowman in the yard" marshmallow sculpture?

We went with the Willy Wonka kit this year because that was really all that was left within reasonable driving distance by the time I realized we still needed to buy a kit (after brunch today).

Here is William (the Orange) looking on and just waiting for us to stop guarding long enough for him to get his paws in the candy garden.

Megan and I decided that next year we'll try to take a professional gingerbread house class. Then on the Sunday of the Children's program at church we'll do another gingerbread kit with Nessa ... we figure at age 3 she'll make a grand mess of it. :-)

Megan couldn't believe we were only having salad for supper -- but oh it was a grand salad even if it was left overs from when Shawn went to the store on Saturday and bought me my dream salad bar to make at home -- from endive lettuce to artichoke hearts! (turkey and lots of normal things for the rest of them ... Nessa mostly ate shredded cheese and craisins) ... now that is love -- Mr. Meat and Potatoes getting not just salad but dream salad for supper -- and not buying anything different for himself! :-)

After the girls were in bed Shawn and I wrote out most of the Christmas cards (most because I had to quick order more -- as hard as we try to cut back the Christmas list keeps growing! -- and online friends that want a PDF version, please let me know!). We also drank a little wine ... and then I decided to write this quick post since the 11 other posts I've written in my head this week have not made it to the "Publish Post" button!

I hope you are all healthy and enjoying the season -- may you be busy finding joy and peace in the season -

And for those of you inpatient for all of those photo posts, I did post a few comments on the December Flickr photos:

and I also started a Christmastime Picasa album:

Christmas 2007

If you look at either the Picasa album or Flickr you will see photos of Rotary Lights, Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Brooks and much more ...

Now, as I was saying -- Peace and Joy to you this holiday season --

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