Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cesarean Rate Hits a New High

It's time for a "Because it matters" post ...

The CDC just released preliminary birth statistics for 2006. We should be outraged at this data -- the United States has a record high rate of cesarean section births while the maternal death rate also continues to rise (and is higher than 40 other countries).

This is NOT okay. Continue to read and then visit: to read about how the International Cesarean Awareness Network is making a difference (we need your support!).

Below are highlights from ICAN's press release and links to read more.


Cesarean Rate Hits a New High

Recent Studies Show Cesareans Can Pose Dangers to Mothers and Babies

Release Highlights:

  • Cesarean rate at record high in the U.S.
  • Cesarean rise coincides with CDC report that maternal death rate rising for the
    first time in decades.
  • World Health Organization data shows that mothers die at a higher rate in the
    U.S. than 40 other countries.
  • Consumer Reports includes cesarean on “10 overused tests and treatments”

Redondo Beach, CA, December 5, 2007 – The National Center for Health Statistics has reported that the cesarean rate has hit an all-time high of 31.1 percent.

CDC's Peliminary Data for 2006

“There’s no doubt that cesarean surgery is being overused,” said Pam Udy, president of the International Cesarean Awareness Network. “Unfortunately, despite its reputation as a harmless surgery, many women and babies are paying the high price of complications from this surgery.”


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