Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

And the fire is so ... [abrupt stop] oh, wait, no fire. But that is about all that is missing. And the weather is truly frightful. And we DO have a wonderful Internet connection, cable, movies, and the kids have new toys from presents Saturday. And from time to time we just sit and watch the snow blowing horizontally outside.

We arrived in Northfield safe and sound just before 7 p.m. Friday night with only a little fog to damper the driving. Saturday we had a delightful family gathering with the entire Groth clan. For me, the best part was watching all of the kids play together. Outside Saturday it was cold and white but not too frightful, but we were still glad we had decided to be cautious and drive the night before. (I hope to manage to upload pictures yet today, but it all depends on the kiddos and time to access them.)

Saturday I glimpsed a bit of weather online and saw some reports of the 2 storms converging in the region and the one we had been worried about being delayed a bit more and moving in later than expected ... etc. ... Bottom line ... I wasn't surprised this morning. ;-)

Unlike the song we did have someplace to go ... BUT it was cancelled because nobody was going anywhere... so we continue to have a Merry Christmas weekend while being "snowed in" in Northfield and "snowed out" of La Crosse. And after making sure our neighborhood pet-sitters could check on the cats we relaxed and really settled in. We were told NOT to travel considering it was still snowing after about 10 inches on the ground. Here, there wasn't nearly as much snow but it is VERY windy and pretty much a total white-out outside.

The only thing making this all less than Christmas carol perfect is that many of us are, as they say, under the weather. Yes, once again we celebrate Christmas while sick. :-( Shawn seems to have the worst of it with a really bad cold and at this point he doesn't think he will be able to sing in the choir Christmas Eve (assuming we're back home safe and sound!) I didn't think I was sick but barely minutes before pulling into Northfield Friday my throat started to tickle and then by the next morning it officially a cold. Luckily I had caught it quickly and with the help of rest and preventative herbs, etc. I already seem much better today (Sunday). Meanwhile Nessa was being unusually clingy and while cuddling I noticed she indeed had a low-grade fever ... her fever broke at some point Friday night and since then it has just been the stuffy nose and mild cough that has been bothering her. And then poor Ahnika ended up sick to her stomach early Sunday afternoon. We're still not sure what unintended gifts we gave each other this weekend, but hopefully we're on the mend and Megan will escape illness this Christmas.

For now we're taking turns napping and having our own food network marathon. We plan meet up with Megan's dad as they head off to their festivities late tomorrow morning and then we plan to head home so hopefully the roads are clear and safe by then.

If I have more time to catch up on my online "to do" list, I may even get to all of those other items I want to post ...

either way -- stay safe and Merry Christmas!

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