Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Quick update

No, we really aren't hibernating ... I just feel like it! :-)

Although the fact that La Crosse is hitting 50 degrees today (nothing official yet, but I was out at lunch) sure helps in the feel good department! Just last Friday we were still struggling to get above zero here ... wow what a difference in a few days!

Otherwise, none of us have been really sick, but at the same time there seems to be a constant bug just about to hit us ... and with our darling toddler waking up more at night now than she ever did as a baby ... lack of sleep doesn't help. When I'm smart I just go to bed as soon as she does because staying up a couple hours (or more) later and still waking up 4 times a night (OK that was only once) and getting up an hour before her only adds up to trouble. The awful night was the night before last and it was made worse by my having a headache to begin with and so at one point in the middle of the night I finally was going to give in and take some Tylenol but then I couldn't get it open so I just took some advil instead (why or why) so then in the morning I still had a bit of a headache AND my stomach hurt ... not to mention being WAY too short on sleep. I ended up coming home from work early in order to nap and determine if I was really sick or just really tired. I still didn't feel better when I woke up at 5, but after Megan saved the night by making supper and being a huge help while Shawn was at a church meeting, I collapsed again in bed at 8 after carefully filling my tummy, taking tylenol and using some wonderful essential oils ... by the time Nessa woke me up again early in the morning I was starting to feel human again! Whew.

Nessa is in fact getting her eye teeth (one in and one about to poke through) and the way she is nearly chewing her hand off I wouldn't be surprised if molars are on the way as well. We're also wondering if she's having some nightmare or even night terrors lately because sometimes she'll scream and scream and when we get in there she's sleeping as peacefully as can be ... but we're not anymore.

The only other news that fits into a brief update is that Megan now has an email address and loves to get email, so if anyone wants to make her day by sending her email, please let me know and I'll pass on her address.


Rachel said...

I was starting to worry! Thanks for updating. I like the new look.

Toddlers not sleeping through the night is the worst, because at that point you are used to a full night's sleep.

Crossing my fingers for spring in WI and MN!

Tami said...

Thanks Racheal -- I like the new look too. I do want to add more links though (blogs and others) and maybe more small photos that stay there and/or update the one in my profile and to use on Gmail, and ... :-)