Saturday, February 24, 2007


If you hang around our house very long you'll eventually hear Nessa exclaim "HAT!" as she points to the one she sees and then signs hat. This doesn't just mean that she wants us to see the hat, it means that she wants to wear the hat. Nessa LOVES hats. I like to think that she's partial to the hats that Grandma Karen knits for us, but since that's mostly what we have around here it's pretty hard to tell.

This morning (Sat. Feb. 24th) I took a couple of quick pics of Nessa in my hat. You can't tell form these photos that it is, of course, way too big for her and she would be walking along and suddenly wouldn't be able to see anything.

And I kind of caught a smile! I discovered by chance a couple of days ago that Nessa will smile if I ask her to now!!! This should prove useful for future pictures if I can manage to figure out the timing. :-)

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