Friday, January 26, 2007

More sick days

Just a brief update.

Nessa is sick today. We started wondering if she was coming down with something yesterday but decided it was just teething (she was chewing on both of her thumbs after all). Nessa woke me up early this morning (4 a.m. ish) and as soon as I picked her up I knew she was feverish, but when she nursed and went back to sleep I didn't bother taking her temp. Instead I went back to bed for an hour after telling Shawn he could sleep in.

Backing up -- On Monday Megan came down with a more serious cough and sore throat so we eventually ended up at the pediatric Urgent Care for a once over and a strep test. Megan is becoming all too familiar with the throat culture procedure. :-( It was the fastest positive result I've ever had from the strep test. So, we were off to drive thru walgreens to get her prescription. Since it was already nighttime before Megan started on the antibiotics, she missed school on Tuesday. The upside is that Megan and I were able to watch movies and nap throughout the day and I haven't done that with my "big girl" in a long time.

So, today, Nessa's throat was indeed raw (we suspected based on her not eating and the way she kind of grabbed her neck) and I figured with Megan's positive test we should get Nessa in sooner rather than later. So, Nessa is on her first ever round of antibiotics. :-(

Again, on the upside, I'm hoping the extra snuggles will continue as Nessa is content to just sit on our lap or snuggle into our shoulder as she rests.

So, blog updates and template changes are put off once again. Hey, we'll just be happy to get the Christmas tree down this weekend!

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