Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nessa helping with dishes

These days as soon as Nessa hears the dishwasher open she comes running in yelling "I help with dishes ... Nessa help with dishes..."

Here are some photos of her helping last week.

She can put a few of them away herself, but most of the time she hands the dish to Shawn to put in the cupboard/drawer. She also tells Shawn who the dish belongs to as they put it away: "mommy's spoon, Megan's bowl (all the bowls are Megan's apparently), and so on except that none of the dishes belong to Daddy which is really a pity since he's the only one that really takes care of them! :-)

It's all pretty cute to watch and listen to AND it keeps Nessa occupied for a few minutes! :-)

When she's "all done" she claps!

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