Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fun in the snow

Nessa, mom and dad all had fun outside this afternoon building a snowman. Nessa loved helping to build it as she patted bits upon bits of snow on the balls. Then after we were done she wanted to just sit and look at it for a long time while she talked about the snowman, called it Frosty, and pointed out its hat and glasses over and over. :-)

Later Nessa wanted to sled down the hill again as we did yesterday (the little one in front of our house) so we did that for a bit but today the snow started packing down after a few times down and it was hard for me to push her back up and I wasn't going to have her get out and walk around every time because that take forever and we had already been outside nearly and hour and the wet snow was starting to soak through our mittens.

It was snowing again while we were out playing. I don't know what any official totals were for last night yet and it was hard to tell at our house because the wind also drifted it toward the house. So, while we couldn't see our steps at all (I walked to church this morning and getting down the front stairs was a bit tricky), in other places it looked like maybe 6 inches more of snow. I'll be interested to see what the grand total for the weekend storm is tomorrow morning.

With this much snow it's hard for Nessa to even play in it unless we create some paths for her. I think that's why she liked going back by the snow man so much because the area around it was all packed down and she could actually walk. :-)

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Simply Janeen said...

It was good to hear from you again. Nessa's getting so big these days; it's so cute to read all the things she's doing and I'm sure Natalie won't be too far behind her either.

I'll be up in La Crosse the weekend of May 4 and 5 for a friend's wedding so maybe we can get together on May 4 and do something. So far, that's the only time I plan to be in La Crosse this year.