Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yes, we have ourselves an old-fashioned snow storm! By our estimates we got about a foot of snow here on the south side of La Crosse and the city is pretty much hunkering down waiting for the next foot or so to drop tonight. The party we were planning on for tonight (my work holiday party) was canceled so Shawn built a fire and we're settling in for the day (and catching up a bit on blog posts as you may have noticed).

But that's not really why I'm writing ...

Just before I sat down at the computer I witnessed something I imagined was being played out on country and side roads throughout the region. This little scene was something that convinced us to stay put in our cozy home a little longer.

The snow plow and grader (for the rest of the girls out there: big 6 (8?) wheel yellow thing with the blade underneath in the middle) were finally near our house and working on the intersection nearby as they did the cross streets (street directly in front of the house is still unplowed). And then ... the snow plow was no longer moving ...

Yes, the snow plow was stuck in the snow!!

It was spinning its wheels and totally stuck right on our corner (kitty-corner from us so not almost in our yard but close). Hmmm, and we had actually been thinking of trying to venture out in our little Honda Civic ... I don't think so.

So along comes the grader to help get the snow plow moving again. The Grader started out on the far side pushing the plow towards our house (I got nervous it would start moving and then not be able to stop and would end up in our yard!) but eventually it had to switch to pushing it from behind going out away from our house and that's finally what worked. The plow had momentum moving forward, turned around into the half cleared intersection and turned up the street and away it went (wonder when it will be back to do our street?).

At the same time as the plow incident was playing out there was also a smallish red car stuck directly in front of our house. She was closer to the intersection and I was wondering how in the heck she thought she was going to get through the extra snow left by the plow and grader when they did the cross street but not our street (you know it's even worse than the snow at the end of the driveway after a plow comes through). She waited for awhile (probably watching the plow spinning it's wheels) and then she backed up directly in front of our house and preceded to be totally stuck. Fortunately for her there were a couple of nice boys helping our elderly neighbor shovel her driveway and they helped her get unstuck. And after the snow plow and grader were no longer in the way the boys again helped her get through that intersection and into her own drive way which was just on the other side of the intersection. I wonder where she had to go today that was worth all of that.

Just now as I was typing I heard some exclamations coming from outside. I looked and sure enough another neighbor with a small car was being pushed down our short block to get to the plowed road. I wonder where he has to go.

I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere.

If we go to church tomorrow, I'm thinking we'll walk!!!!

I'm going to go curl up by the fire now and read through my new cookbook for supper ideas while Nessa is napping!

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