Tuesday, February 27, 2007


We continue to watch Signing Time DVDs on a regular basis. Nessa is picking up more and more signs, although it's hard to predict which ones will stick and when she will use them. For example, this morning as we were getting her out of bed I said and signed "Good morning", and she responded by saying and signing "firefighter". (The only connection I could see was that by the end of the sign for Good morning, my hand was close to where it is for the sign for firefighter.)

Lately we've been watching the DVD that teaches the ASL alphabet, and as we spell Nessa's name out loud and in sign language simultaneously, Nessa is learning how to spell her first name. She puts in an extra "s" or two instead of the "a" sometimes, but she's close. We've also been working on teaching her her full name, and she can say the whole thing now. Her fine motor skills aren't good enough for her to spell in ASL yet, but she's trying. You can tell that she can see it in her mind but can't quite get her fingers to co-operate.

A side benefit of all this is that Tami and I are picking up some of the signs and learning the alphabet as well. It's fun to work with Nessa and see the big smile that comes over her face when she does a sign or makes connections. We recommend signing, and Signing Time (http://www.signingtime.com/), to all parents of babies or toddlers.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for recommending the Signing Time. Our vote for favorite would be The Zoo Train. My 3 and 9 year old just love it!