Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Riverfest Fun!!!

Fourth of July in La Crosse means Riverfest! We braved a tired toddler (I swear she woke up tired -- there wouldn't have been a better time today) and went down to Riverside Park for lunch and Riverfest and then at least a little bit of festing.

After taking turns eating and watching/running after Nessa, we headed towards he entertainment area. Shawn took Nessa on her first official rides as she rode the train and airplane ride (all by herself!). As seems to usually be the case, Nessa took it all in stride. She didn't break out in grins but she didn't cry or even fuss at all either.

Megan and I went over to the large inflatables so she could go down the slide a few times.

We also watched a magician while we were there and indulged in some dessert before deciding Nessa really needed to get home to her bed in order to nap as she wasn't falling asleep in the stroller as we had hoped (should have brought the ergo as well).

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