Sunday, July 30, 2006

Home sweet home!

I really love travelling -- really, I do. But, coming home is ever so nice too.

We had a wonderful week (but a tad too busy -- our own fault for planning so many things) and we have many great stories and a few good pictures that I hope to get posted soon. Some of the great stories are the ones we'll be able to tell Nessa over and over again as she gets older. Just like my parents reminded me quite often about the terrible tantrums I had while at Disney World as a 4 year old (I think), we now have the start of stories to let Nessa know that she wasn't always a pleasant traveler. For starters, she really hated the tour mobile in Washington D.C. so we did a lot more walking than we planned on while we were there (which would have been more pleasant if it were about 20 degrees cooler and we had a few more hours). Then just to prove her mother wrong (well it's my theory anyway) Nessa slept all the way on the way to the Baltimore airport and then slept again from the La Crosse airport to home but did not sleep at all on either of the two flights! Fortunately she didn't have any prolonged tantrums or crying episodes either so she merely managed to exhaust her parents and not annoy too many other passengers. :-)

Before I go wade through my unread email, I need to send a huge THANK YOU out to all of our Brooks family members -- Kevin and Jo were so very welcoming and gracious to let us stay in their home for the week, Max shared his toys with Nessa and they played together impressively well, and Grandma Jan and Grandpa Bob were grand babysitters! We appreciate all of that and so much more!

More soon -- Tami

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