Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Books, books, books!!!

Nessa has enjoyed pulling her books off of her shelf for a few months now. She would look through them by herself or one of us would sit beside her and read. Or, one of us would gather some books and try to read to her while we sat in the rocking chair -- the important word there was try as she often wouldn't sit still long enough to actually read the book but would rather insist on quickly turning the pages for us.

Then in the last few weeks something special happened. At least we think it's pretty special. Nessa started bringing us book after book after book. Nessa brings over a book (or 2 or 3 -- I think her cousin Ahnika gave her some inspiration on that one) and hands it to us with that look that says: "please read it to me." And of course we're thrilled to read it to her and even more thrilled when she listens and looks at the picture not just the first time through but sometimes two or three times through the story (or sometimes we read the first time and just look at pictures and point after that).

Nessa still spends a lot of time reading her books by herself too (and she does "read" aloud if you're wondering), but if any of us are sitting in the living room while she's in there playing (and especially if we're reading to ourselves!) she eventually starts bringing us books to read. While her interest in having us read to her started to grow before she was able to walk well on her own, it certainly became easier for her to bring us books after she could carry them while walking.

Now that she likes to listen to us read her favorite books over and over I'm gaining hope for being able to entertain her during our travels later this month.

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